Won’t I Eat Dessert For Life?

Elif Nur Başaran

Hello all, Balkafa Family,

In this article, I want to talk about the dessert which most of us are quite fond of.

At the first meeting with my clients, they immediately ask, “Will I not eat dessert for life?” when I said that you will not put sugar in tea and coffee anymore. I wish we could do this… But life goes on and suddenly we can come across an invitation or a birthday party. You don’t even have to have attractive offers like invitations or birthdays to eat a dessert. It is one of the favorite gifts of many of us. Therefore, it is useful to know how much we will eat and balance it.

What is sustainable healthy eating?

When I meet with my clients, I am in favor of explaining sustainable nutrition if they don!t have a health problem. I think it will make you happier to eat by tasting everything and balancing it. And I believe it can last a lifetime. So you can continue your lives without gaining weight after the weight loss process is over.

How much dessert can I eat?

I repeat, if you don’t have a health problem, you can eat dessert twice a week. Your choice should be for milk desserts. If you do not consume bread after eating dessert and take care not to take any other carbohydrates, you will balance that day.

Of course, this applies to my clients who want to maintain their weight. If you are in a weight loss period, you should reduce the dessert to once a week and not take any carbohydrates from anything including fruit on the day you eat dessert. Thus, you can continue to lose weight process.

What are the most common problems about eating a dessert?

I haven’t eaten much, only a bite…

I let my client eat one milk dessert a week, who is in the process of losing weight. But instead of eating the dessert in one day, the client sometimes consumes the dessert as a sip every day. In this case, they can not lose the desired weight as the body will start to burn full fat. However, if you take a little sugar in your body, fat burning is stopped. For this reason, every day sip is the first of the wrong known as harmless…

I put a quarter of a sugar into my tea…

I also hear this from my clients quite often: “I use very little, what about it, can I keep using it?” But as I mentioned before, when it comes to sugar, unfortunately this is not acceptable. You should not consume sugar in order for your body to keep the fat burning process.

It is possible to talk about these and similar examples. The point I want to draw your attention to is the working principle of our bodies. And the other important thing you need to know is that our bodies don’t need simple sugar. I seem to hear you say, “It is very difficult to withstand such restrictions” 🙂 You are not unfair, if you do not have a serious health or weight problem 1-2 times a week to eat dessert is no harm. What’s going to hurt you is that you may lose the control. So as I always say, you don’t have to completely remove the dessert from your life as long as it’s balanced.

Hope to see you in my next article…

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