What Should Be Considered For Oral And Dental Care During Pregnancy?

Yasin Akgül

Why is it important to pay attention to oral and dental care during pregnancy?

Expecting a baby is one of the most important turns of life. A pregnant woman undergoes great physical and emotional changes. The body tries to adapt to these changes. Therefore, balanced and regular nutrition during pregnancy is more important than ever. Foods that contain plenty of vitamins and calcium phosphorus should be preferred in order to support the health of the mother and the baby in the future and especially to support the the baby’s dental care. The care of the mother’s nutrition affects the baby’s tooth structure. Therefore, it is the most healthy and ideal way for those who plan pregnancy to give importance to oral care before pregnancy, to undergo dentist control and to have the necessary dental treatments.

Some disadvantages of pregnancy are factors that threaten oral and dental care. For example; If the nausea is intense during pregnancy and causes vomiting, such a pregnant woman should pay more attention to oral hygiene. Vomiting increases the amount of acid in the mouth. Acidification, on the other hand, erodes the teeth and prepares the ground for decay. Those who suffer from vomiting during pregnancy should rinse their mouths with plenty of water after vomiting. Brushing acidified teeth immediately after vomiting further irritates sensitized tooth surfaces. Therefore, the teeth should be brushed half an hour after rinsing the mouth.

What are the threats to oral and dental care during pregnancy?

What is pregnancy gingivitis?

  • As the rate of acid in the oral saliva increases during pregnancy, teeth become more prone to decay.
  • Hormones can rise to a sudden rise, which results in nausea and vomiting. Vomiting increases intraoral acidification. Increased acidity in the mouth can cause sensitization, bleeding, flushing, swelling, edema or inflammation of the teeth and gums.
  • Physical changes in pregnancy, increase in hormones and sensitization of the gums may cause gum abscess. If the abscess, which has grown and bloated, affects the nutrition of the pregnant woman, it can be get infected.
  • If oral care is not observed during pregnancy, tartar formed in the teeth may cause dental caries.
  • Since more food is consumed more frequently during pregnancy, food residues between the teeth cause bacteria to form. Therefore, after the snack teeth should be brushed. If this can not be done every time at least mouth should be rinsed abundantly.

Pregnancy gingivitis is called the sensitive structure that occurs in the gums during pregnancy. This is also called pregnancy periodontitis. It is an increasing condition especially in the last months of pregnancy. If oral hygiene is performed with care , this situation automatically resolves when the pregnancy ends.

Can I get dental treatment during pregnancy?

It is best for expectant mothers who are uncomfortable with brushing their teeth because of the tenderness to undergo a dentist examination and pay attention to the warnings of the dentist. If it is necessary to get dental treatment during pregnancy, the procedure can be done with the approval of the obstetrician. If the procedure is not urgent, dental treatment in pregnancy is not a very preferred condition. Even if a procedure is to be performed, it is best to perform the treatmet between the third and sixth months (2nd trimester), not in the first and last months of pregnancy.

What should be done for dental care during pregnancy?

  • A balanced and healthy diet during pregnancy will positively affect dental care of the mothers and their newborns.
  • If oral and dental hygiene is taken care of during pregnancy, there will be no problems. Teeth should be brushed twice a day for three minutes. After snacks, the teeth are brushed, the teeth are cleaned with the interdental brush and dental floss is used every day.

3-month dentist controls are also important for pregnant women to take the process more healthy.

I wish you all a healthy day.

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