What Causes Constipation in Children and How is it Treated?

Aysel Karaca Ünlü

What is constipation? What is the frequency of pooping in babies and children?

Constipation is rare, hard and painful defecation. The average number of defecation in infants and babies is 3-4 times per day. In the first 3 months, infants who take breast milk make stools on average 3 times a day and those who take formula twice. Number of defecation is affected by feeding frequency, amount and type of food. In children aged 4 years and over, the number of defecation ranges from 3 times per day to 3 times per week. With increasing age, the number of defecation gradually decreases.

What causes constipation in babies and children?

Although constipation is common in childhood, it can sometimes be due to an underlying disease. In this case, when the underlying disease is treated, the problem of constipation may disappear. However, the most common cause is functional constipation. Functional constipation is the name of a group of disorders with stubborn, difficult, infrequent or incomplete defecation without a structural or biochemical cause. It is common in preschool children.

Can constipation occur during potty training? How does constipation occur?

During potty training, children may postpone defecation for various reasons due to changes in diet, stressful events, intervening diseases, or inappropriate toilet use, which may cause painful defecation. The child who experiences pain during defecation do no defecate, causing the stool to accumulate and harden in the large intestine. As a result, functional constipation develops and this is manifested by stool incontinence or staining of the laundry with feces.

When should potty training be provided?

It should be remembered that the child sees the faeces as a part of himself. Potty training should be provided after the age of 2 and properly; the potty to be used should be suitable for the age, bright, dry and not to scare the child.

How is constipation treated?

When you consult a doctor with a complaint of constipation, your doctor will first ask you to use oral or rectal medications to remove the accumulated feces. He will then recommend diet and behavior to prevent constipation.

What is good for constipation in children?

The best thing for constipation is to increase fluid intake in particular. In addition to this, drinking plum, pear, apple juices containing sorbitol, rich nutrition from fiber foods and following a balanced nutrition program including whole grains, fruits and vegetables will positively affect the treatment.

How to treat constipation problem in children?

In order to solve the problem of constipation in infants and children, acquiring regular toilet habits, going to the toilet after meals, keeping a daily or monthly calendar in order to determine the frequency of defecation, and cooperating with child psychiatry if necessary are very important and effective methods.

How long does constipation treatment last?

It should be kept in mind that constipation treatment can sometimes last for months and constipation may continue during adolescence. Early initiation of treatment has a significant effect on improving constipation.

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