Weight Control in Pregnancy

Berna Salkaya

Weight control and a healthy body have always been an issue I have always cared about. Even though I had to take a break from time to time, I tried to include sports as a routine in my life. So this life-style didn’t change for me after I got pregnant 🙂 Even when I learnt that I would have a baby that would grow in my body, I felt compelled to be extra careful.

Another point I have to confess is that when I look in the mirror after giving birth, I don’t want to see myself as an overweight and unhappy mother. This is a purely personal preference for me, while some people don’t worry about the weight they gain in the process and the weight they cannot lose in the future. This situation can cause serious nervous disorders in people like me. I know that telling a mother who gained weight quickly because of pregnancy, “now you have to say stop yourself with this trend, you’ll get 30 pounds” would be ridiculous to say. But it is also ridiculous to say a mother trying to keep her weight under control “you don’t eat just to not gain weight, this baby will be unhealthy.”

For a happy pregnancy, I think that the mother should decide for herself how she will go through this process and the people around her should respect those decisions. Let mothers go through this period as they wish, right? 🙂 As a mother who gave birth at 41 weeks, I completed my pregnancy with 20 pounds and my baby was born as 8 pounds. A week after I got out of the hospital, I had just 6 pounds more for me and I could get into all my old clothes. I never forget my happiness when I wore my favorite miniskirt 🙂

How Can I Keep My Weight Under Control During Pregnancy?

Well let me talk a bit about how I watched a feeding program for a healthy birth and a baby which was just like a knob 🙂

  • In order to bring a healthy baby to the world and to complete the pregnancy process without gaining too much weight, I first put myself into the rule of HEALTHY NUTRITION. Since I am not a person who has the habit of consuming junk food in my normal life, it did not force myself to follow the rules I set. In fact, my list of very basic dietary rules were so simple that you can find it in any newspaper’s health supplement. Every morning I started the day with a solid breakfast consisting of eggs, cheese, olives, tomatoes, bread made from whole wheat flour and very light tea.
  • At least one of the lunches or dinners was to consume foods of high protein value. The general routine included at least 2 meals a week, plenty of green vegetables and fruits.
  • Since most of my pregnancy coincides with the summer months and the amount of sugar in summer fruits is generally high, I was paying attention to the portion size despite eating regularly every day.
  • I had healthy snacks like walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, dried apricots, blueberries and dried snacks at my disposal to consume in case of sudden hunger. These types of snacks increased my water consumption and contributed positively to the urinary system.
  • Although I’m normally a dessert addict, I was disgusted with all the desserts, including honey and jam during pregnancy. This gave me a great advantage in weight control. The consumption of sugary food is always an important consideration, but it is very difficult to resist. In order to achieve sugar control in my daily life, I prefer to consume dried fruits or normal fruits first. If that’s not enough, I prefer dark chocolate. Thanks to the encouragement of a very sweet friend, I finally succeeded in this transition 🙂
  • One of the things my doctor warned me about during pregnancy was daily water consumption. I bought a 1lt glass bottle in order to check the amount and I tried to keep filling the bottle at least 2 times a day and I controlled how much water I drink by this way.

Another reason why I was comfortable with my pregnancy was that I did regular walking and pilates. My doctor had already asked me to take walks outdoors as much as possible, and since I had been doing pilates for years, he supported me to continue pilates after 12 weeks. For 20 weeks, 2 days a week, I continued to work with a teacher who had previously worked on pregnant pilates. Pilates both helped my body relax, and it was very, very good for my ankles that had edema.

Especially for the reformer pilates I think it is much more comfortable for pregnancy period. Volkan is currently teaching Pilates at his studio called Pilates & Move in Nişantaşı.(An extra information for those seeking 🙂) Of course, if you intend to continue your pregnancy without leaving the sport, it is very important that you consult your doctor. Pregnant pilates and pregnant yoga, touted as a very good thing, can have quite tragic consequences when done unconsciously.

My pregnancy went through this routine. How yours will go is entirely up to you. Clog your ears to the sounds coming from around you and live the way you feel happy and just concentrate on your baby. Hope to have your baby with health and happiness.

Lots of love 🙂

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