Week by Week Pregnancy (6th Week)

Kübra Irmak

In my previous article, I told you about the 5th week of pregnancy. In this article, I will talk about the issues you may wonder about the 6-week pregnancy process 🙂

How big is the 6-week-old baby?

With the 6th gestational week, it is time to understand the period of your pregnancy by ultrasonography. More clearly, although your pregnancy is followed according to the last menstrual period, the embryo size obtained by ultrasonography gives us more realistic information about your gestational week. Since your baby has no legs and feet yet during a 6-week pregnancy, we measure the head-butt distance, which is about 2-4 mm. If you need to visualize; your embryo is up to the size of peas.

We can also see if you have multiple pregnancies by seeing the embryos or sacs by ultrasonography.

How does a 6-week baby develop?

To review the important developments during the 6th week of pregnancy, your baby’s facial features will be shaped as well as the buds that will form the ear in the future, and the optic buds (black spots) which will form the eye in the future. In front of the head begin to develop small bubbles that will outline the nose. The brain continues to grow rapidly. Hand and foot buds can be seen, intestine develops, lung structures begins to be monitored.

Can the baby’s heart beat be heard in the 6 week of pregnancy?

In a 6-week pregnancy, the baby’s heart beats between 100 and 160 minutes per minute and the blood begins to circulate throughout the body. However, do not panic if the ultrasound does not show a heart beat, your doctor will call you back in a few days or a week to check. Sometimes in late ovulation and late fertilization, development may be later than expected.

What are the changes in the mother during 6 weeks of pregnancy?

During this period you may feel as if your personality is divided; one day you can find yourself as a happy person while the other day grumpy. It is perfectly normal for you to experience such worrisome situations. Variable mood states are caused by fluctuating hormones. Aside from the hormones, you’re at a turning point in your life, who doesn’t feel emotional about it?

25 percent of women experience spotting during early pregnancy. This may be seen in the form of blood in toilet paper after urine, staining in underwear. It might occur in normal pregnancy, as well as the threat of miscarriage or signs of ectopic pregnancy.

Does nausea persist during 6 weeks of pregnancy?

Unfortunately yes 🙂 Complaints such as heartburn, constipation, exhaustion, frequent urination, discharge may be among the 6th week symptoms during pregnancy.

When should be the first doctor examination during pregnancy?

As soon as your urine pregnancy test is positive, ask your family physician or any other health care provider near you to have your blood tested for pregnancy hormone. Consult your family doctor or obstetrician and gynecologist at the health facility.

Although the first doctor’s check-up is usually delayed during pregnancy, ideally an idea of the development of the baby at 6 weeks of gestation can be obtained.

If you experience bleeding or have problems with yourself during this time, contact your gynecologist and obstetrician without waiting for the 6th week.

I am sure you have thousands of questions, before your doctor’s examination. I suggest you write down the questions you have in mind and put them out when you go to your appointment. I wrote a detailed article about what you will encounter in the first examination. You can reach it under the title of “How should the first examination be during pregnancy?“.

Take care 🙂

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