Week By Week Pregnancy (4th Week)

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In my previous article I told you about the 3rd week of pregnancy. In this article, I would like to give information about the 4-week pregnancy process.

4th week in Pregnancy

While most women wait for the menstrual period to start this week, they perform a pregnancy test and realize that they are pregnant as they notice the delay. However, as of the 4th week, they have embryos that have been with them for 2 weeks.

What is the size of a 4-week-old baby?

Let’s start by answering to those who are curious about the size of the embryo in this period, your baby is not big enough to poppy seed yet.

How is the development of a 4-week baby?

Some of the cells that will form the placenta are embedded in the uterine wall to reach the maternal veins. At the same time, the pouch and yolk sac in which the amniotic fluid was found was formed. Yolk sac is the structure where the baby’s primitive blood cells are formed. It also allows the baby to feed until the placenta gains its function. Since this phase is an important turning point, start taking your pregnancy vitamins (prenatal vitamins) and folic acid vitamins if you do not.

Your baby’s organs will begin to develop from week 4 to week 10 during pregnancy. Even some organs will become operational. For this reason, this is a period in which the baby is vulnerable to anything that might prevent its development.

What is hCG? What is the hCG value during the 4th week of pregnancy?

Let’s start here. You first came across the hCG value when you were looking at the positive result of your pregnancy test at home. hCG is the value that appears in the urine and blood, making sure that you are pregnant. It is th human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. It is produced by the cells of the developing placenta within a few days after the fertilized egg settles on the uterine wall.

At the beginning of pregnancy, the hCG value will be very low as new production is started. But it doubles almost every 48 hours. Do not compare your hCG values with other pregnant women around you. Because just as each woman’s pregnancy progresses is different, hCG values progress is different as well.

The range for the hCG value in a 4-week pregnancy is 50 to 426 (mIU / L). Any value that falls within this wide range is normal. Don’t be afraid of having a low or high value. You can share your considerations with your doctor.

Does the abdomen swell in 4th week of pregnancy?

Women with 4 weeks of pregnancy do not swell. You still have a long way to go 🙂

What are the changes in the mother during a 4-week pregnancy? What happens to the expectant mother during the 4th week of pregnancy?

If you know you are pregnant, make an appointment with your gynecologist and obstetrician. If you are taking medication, ask them to continue. If you have a known illness or if you have had problems in your previous pregnancies, tell them to your doctor.

The hormone that causes the pregnancy test to be positive is also the hormone that causes pregnancy symptoms. This hormone level increases rapidly. So it is normal that you do not have 4-week pregnancy symptoms, do not panic, nausea and vomiting period is waiting for you in the near future.

Swelling; An increase in progesterone hormone may cause you to feel bloated. You may want to wear comfortable clothes during this period.

Mild cramps-groin pain; In the 4th week, cramps may worry you. This is in fact due to the proper placement of your baby in the uterus. However, severe cramping and groin pain during pregnancy is a condition you should definitely tell your doctor. Your doctor may want to examine you to see if anything is serious about this.

Staining; Light bleeding may occur at 4th week of pregnancy as a result of the placement of your baby. Don’t worry, it’s normal. But I must underline the same thing. If your bleeding is as intense as your menstrual period and lasts more than a day or two, consult your doctor. You can also apply if you are concerned.

Emotional changes; No, it is not just your feeling. Your feelings are complicated by fluctuations in your pregnancy hormones. Emotional changes are particularly severe in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. After that, your hormone levels become stable and your crying is reduced every time you see a life insurance ad. 🙂

Morning sickness; 75-80 percent of pregnant women may experience nausea and vomiting in the morning. My answer for mothers who will ask me about having nausea during the 4th week of pregnancy is: If your stomach still hasn’t upset you, make sure it will start soon 🙂 Nausea becomes the worst around the 9th week and then decreases as the weeks go by. It is usually not observed after the second trimester.

Fatigue; You may feel extremely tired or exhausted. The increased progesterone hormone in your body and the effort you make to create a baby can make you feel tired as if you were running a marathon.

Breast sensitivity; Your breasts may be swollen and tender because of the increasing hormones in your body. They are trying to tell you that “Baby is coming. Prepare the milk production blood! ”

What are the nutritional recommendations for a 4-week pregnancy?

If you have started to investigate the answer to the question “How those who are 4-week pregnant should be fed?“, you will have a conscious pregnancy about nutrition. Firstly, during pregnancy women should be prepared to gain weight. This is necessary both for the pregnant woman and for the health of the baby. But I’m not talking about an unconscious and uncontrolled weight gain.

So, “What should a 4-week pregnant eat?” Fresh fruit and vegetables should be consumed during their season. Very sugary and fatty foods, caffeine should be avoided. Pregnant women should focus on nutritious foods and avoid empty calorie foods. Nutrition is not a behavior or subject that you will develop specifically for any week of pregnancy; it is an issue that requires awareness for the whole pregnancy process.

What are the considerations in the 4th week?

If the expectant mother smokes, she should stop using it as soon as possible. Smoking contains chemicals that harm the development of the baby.

I get a lot of questions about hair dye. There are publications showing that hair dye is harmful in pregnancy. Since hair dye is absorbed from the scalp and mixed with the blood, there is a risk that the chemicals mixed with the blood will harm the baby.

4t Week pregnancy checklist:

  • Find a gynecologist and make an appointment for your first visit
  • Stop drinking and smoking,
  • Take prenatal vitamins 🙂
  • Tell your partner that you are pregnant 🙂
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