Week By Week Pregnancy (3rd Week)

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In my previous article I told you about the 2nd week of pregnancy. In this article, I would like to give information about the 3-week pregnancy process. Let’s start to talk without further ado 🙂

3rd Week in Pregnancy

A few days after fertilization, the fertilized egg enters your uterus. It starts to nest by piercing your intrauterine membrane (which we call the endometrium) and hollowing it out. We call it placement-implantation. Now you have a 1 week old embryo. Yet very small! It consists of a few hundred cells and these cells divide very quickly.

Does pregnancy become clear in the 3rd week?

At the end of this week, your pregnancy test at home may be positive. Although the result is negative, do not assume that you are not immediately pregnant. You may have taken the pregnancy test too early (the tests will be more accurate if your period is delayed for a few days). Wait a few days and if you don’t start bleeding, retest. If you have not started bleeding after a week and have not received a positive test result, consult your physician.

On the 3rd week you will not feel any changes. It’s natural that you don’t feel because it’s too early. Keep in mind that even though your baby tries to grow, your baby is still composed of a few hundred cells. So you have more ways to swell your abdomen 🙂

How does a 3-week baby develop?a Hafta Gebelik – 3. hafta

This week, a part of your embryo becomes different to form the structure called the placenta, the pregnancy hormone hCG begins to be released. The pregnancy hormone prevents your eggs from ovulating and pushes the button to further release of your estrogen and progesterone hormones. So you don’t have menstruation.

In the meantime, amniotic fluid (the liquid the baby is in) begins to form and wraps around your baby until the end of pregnancy, it starts to protect your baby from various situations. In the meantime, a primitive circulation occurs and transmits the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the baby through the tunnels. At the same time, waste materials are returned to the mother’s circulation through these tunnels.

What are the changes with the mother in the 3rd week of pregnancy?

Some women may experience signs of pregnancy even if their tests are not positive. Symptoms of a 3-week pregnancy include;

Bleeding; Bleeding may occur during embryo placement in your uterine lining. This is called settlement-implantation bleeding. (If you have pain with bleeding and the amount of bleeding is high, we recommend that you consult a gynecologist and obstetrician because you may have an ectopic pregnancy.)

Breast sensitivity and swelling; Some women experience some more tenderness that they feel before menstrual periods.

Frequent urination; you may notice that you go to the toilet more often shortly after you become pregnant

Hypersensitivity to odors; Most pregnant women may develop sensitivity to odors and an increased retching sensation in the early period. This is due to the increased estrogen hormone in your body.

Fatigue and drowsiness; You may feel extremely tired or exhausted. The increased progesterone hormone in your body and the effort you make to create a baby can make you feel tired as if you were running a marathon.

Food craving and disgust from food; While you are disgusted with some of your favorite foods, you may want some food suddenly.

Nausea and vomiting; Morning sickness during pregnancy usually starts in 5-6 weeks, but some women may experience it early.

Increased body temperature; If you measure your body temperature every day (your body temperature rises by 1 degree during ovulation), and if the fever stays high for more than 18 days, you are probably pregnant.

Does pubic pain occur during 3 weeks of pregnancy?

I know some women have a lot of groin pain. We’re sensitive to our groin area as women. Especially when trying to get pregnant, all our attention is in these regions. However, during this period, rather than any pain due to pregnancy, you may feel slight groin pain depending on the ovulation periods.

What are the nutritional recommendations for 3-week pregnancy?

You have become pregnant, and after this point, I know that “nutrition during pregnancy” is one of the most common concerns while talking about Week by Week Pregnancy. For this reason, we will examine together the answers of the question “What should be paid attention during pregnancy?” 🙂

Importance of Folic Acid:

First of all, let’s start by talking about a vitamin that every woman who is planning to have a child encounters as a result of internet research or heard from gynecologists and obstetricians; Folic acid!

What Can Folic Acid Deficiency Cause During Pregnancy?

When the embryo forms the nervous system and tries to close it with bones and tissues (these structures are called neural tubes), the most needed vitamin is folic acid also called folate, folacin or vitamin B9. In the case of folic acid deficiency or inadequate use of folic acid in the body, a number of structural disorders, called neural tube defects, occur; these include spina bifida (the formation of a cavity in the spine leaving the spinal cord and nerves exposed), anencephaly (congenital absence of the brain and spinal cord), and encephalocele (brain protruding into a cavity in the skull).

Some pregnant women may unfortunately know these from their previous pregnancy. For this reason, these pregnant women should discuss this with their physicians from the period when they plan to become pregnant. These are situations that require higher doses of folic acid. For women without such a history of pregnancy, we recommend taking 0.4 mg of folic acid daily before pregnancy and during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. This is because the neural tube defects are largely prevented by reinforcement.

You also shouldn’t forget the Folic acid-rich foods . All legumes, leafy greens, citrus fruits, dried herbs (such as basil, thyme), liver, pomegranate, banana, sunflower seeds, nuts, eggplant, corn, asparagus, cereal bread and cereals are samples of foods rich in folic acid.

Alcohol and Smoking during Pregnancy:

Alcohol use during pregnancy is a condition we do not recommend during the whole pregnancy. Likewise, you should stop smoking for your own health and for your baby’s health. In fact, it is best to stop drinking alcohol and smoking from the period when you plan to become pregnant.

How Should Weight Gain Be During Pregnancy?

Weight gain during pregnancy is another important issue for a healthy pregnancy. The weight limit we recommend to be gained during pregnancy is clear. We accept half pound a week until the 20th week and 1 pound between the 20th and 40th weeks. Nutrition program in the light of this information will be your benefit again. In our next article, we will talk about your 4th week of pregnancy. Stay healthy for now 🙂

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