Ways to Increase Breast Milk

Berna Salkaya

One of the things that kept my head busy after I became a mother was the milk issue. After hearing the advice of ”only breast milk for the first 6 months” from 4 different pediatricians, this issue was thoroughly on my mind. My mother and mother-in-law, who did not spare their support at the time, worked so hard in the kitchen so that I could feed properly and produce quality milk in parallel. Both of them were very successful in the kitchen, but it meant that the alarm bells were ringing at the same time for me. Having completed my pregnancy with 9.5 kilograms, gaining weight after pregnancy was something I never wanted. Pera was born close to 4 kg, I was 2.5 kg above my prenatal weigh a week later when I weighed. So, it was very important for me not to lose this balance. But I had to have a snack all the time and never keep my mouth empty according to my family elders. In the end, after long research and trial/error, I was able to create a great order in my own way. In this article, I would like to talk about my experiences that I think may be useful for mothers who have just given birth and who are researching methods to increase breast milk ☺

  • The most effective way to increase breast milk is to consume plenty of fluids. Don’t mind those who say ”If you want to increase your milk, you should consume dessert”. Although it contributes to the production of milk, the majority of it remains in the body in pounds, and then getting rid of these pounds can be quite a challenging process. For the first six months, I was drinking 3 liters of water a day. If you say that drinking 3 liters of water is not possible, I can suggest that you throw fruit into the water. Just be sure to choose fruits that are not gas-causing for the baby.
  • In order to increase both the amount of liquid consumed and to produce better quality milk, you can try the recipes made of dried fruits. While these recipes allow you to produce milk with higher nutritional value for the baby, it also serves as a savior for mothers who have difficulty in water consumption. I will add a simple recipe I received from a friend and benefit from it a lot to the end of my article. I strongly recommend you try it.
  • Dill is another product that I have benefited from and which is among the foods that increase breast milk. Although it is a product that I normally don’t consume and I find very heavy to taste, I consumed almost half a bunch a day. If you’re among those who think that its taste is dominant, you can consume it by adding plenty of it into the salads.
  • Another suggestion is natural teas that increase breast milk. Based on the advice of our pediatrician, I used Humana Still Tea from the time of birth. As another alternative to this tea, our doctor also recommended Mamsel Still Tea, but we could not find it because it is not very common in the market. The contents of both are very similar. I also liked the taste of Humana. It’s not overly sweet, it doesn’t turn you off while drinking. I could easily consume two cups a day.
  • Fennel is another product among the plants that increase breast milk. If your baby suffers from colic, fennel passing through milk also has a soothing effect on the baby’s digestive system and intestines.
  • Our doctor recommended a maximum of 2 cups for daily consumption. I was making my own fennel tea by adding 1 teaspoon into one liter of water. If you say you can drink during the brewing, you can also add cumin. Fennel into boiled water and cumin for 15 minutes is enough to wait.
  • In order to produce high quality and fatty breast milk, the consumption of liquid and nutrition is very important. You should not miss a meal and add healthy proteins such as red meat and fish to your meals. In fact, there is no need to look for or invent a new rule, it is enough to comply with known healthy eating rules.
  • Mother psychology is one of the factors that I have kept for the last time and I think it is very, very important. Even if they are not gloating, there may be adults around you who are pressuring you like “your milk is not enough, this child is hungry, we should give some food”.

    Psychologically, the mother’s loss of faith and the fact that she is constantly being observed definitely affects her. I’m saying that as someone who has gone through this, there was a significant decrease in the amount of milk when Pera was 3 months old. There was a lot of pressure like “Now, don’t resist, let’s give food“ Although I was very close to giving up, I asked everyone to leave me alone with my baby and not interfere. I gave myself a week, and at the end of this period, when we went to the doctor’s check, Pera gained 250 grams of weight. I remember how happy I was. Even our doctor Günay said “I was aware that you were under a lot of pressure, I appreciate you for your efforts, you became the winning side” ☺ If you experience such a situation, keep breastfeeding or milking your breast with the help of a breast pump. Although milk does not come at that moment, it definitely increases milk production because it stimulates the channels.

  • All of this is what I’ve been adopting as a breastfeeding ritual for 6 months, and I have really benefited. Apart from these, there have been many things I have tried but I couldn’t see the effect described. As a result, the personality of each person is different, a nutrient that I find very useful to you may not have the same effect. If you don’t want to be one of those mothers who say I have gained a lot of weight during the breastfeeding period, you can try to complete the process without gaining any weight with these humble recommendations. ☺

Take care…

Compote recipe that increases breast milk:

Mix 100 grams of dried mulberry, dried black grapes, dried white grapes, blueberries, besni grapes in a bag to form a mixture of dried fruits. 1 piece of dried dates, dried apricots and dried figs in this mixture after adding 1 liter of water to boil. At the end of the boiling time, you can add 2-3 cloves and cinnamon sticks. 10-15 minutes of waiting is enough to provide a beautiful aroma with cloves and cinnamon in the compote. Prolongation may cause the taste to become too sharp. If it tastes too sweet with these measures, I suggest you increase the amount of water next time. Don’t forget to eat the pieces of the fruits in the compote if you can eat it and you can consume this compote as much as you like. ☺

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