Unigo Play Mat (Play Rug) Reviews

Berna Salkaya

I have never been a mother with an excessive hygiene obsession; I think one of the important factors in the development of the immune system is the introduction of germs to children. I think I would have gone crazy if I tried to disinfect everything and give it back to her in the days when Pera tried to put them all in her mouth with the curiosity of discovering new things. When I think that after playing with dozens of toys in the house and playing with each of them for a maximum of 30 seconds, it was impossible for me to do so. So I chose to release him on this matter, but after a while, small spots like rash on his face began to appear.

When I consulted our doctor, he said that it might be due to the detergent I used or the toys he played. I wondered if it was caused by the things she touched and I began to be more careful about the toys, I observed her for 3-4 days, but there was no improvement. I changed the detergent and washed the clothes twice, but that didn’t help either. I was wondering what is not good for this child and then I thought of my allergy to carpetflex. Of course we don’t use carpetflex in the room, but the carpet we use is a soft thing with long hairs in which your feet would be embedded. While she was playing a game, even if I covered over the rug, she could have reacted to the feathers of the carpet. When I shared my idea with our doctor, he said that even if it was cleaned, especially the furry carpets kept a lot of dust and this could cause allergies in babies. After investigating similar cases of allergy on the Internet, the result led me to the search for a more hygienic carpet / mat.

This is how our story of getting acquainted with the Unigo play mat begins.

Advantages of Unigo Mats

Easy to clean and hygienic

If you also intend to solve the dust / bacteria problem first, the Unigo play mat is definitely cut out. Since the surface is not covered with feather or fabric, it can be easily cleaned with a water-resistant, damp cloth.


The product is also anti allergic; this property is proven with the CPSIA certification received in the category of toys and children’s products. (CPSIA is a certificate of conformity issued by the USA after the contents of the products have been checked against certain criteria.)


Carpets with four different thickness alternatives ranging from 10 mm to 15 mm ensure that children do not receive a blow in the case of falling. Since Pera is a constantly running baby and falling a lot due to this feature of her, this play mat has been quite useful for us, especially in the first period of toddling. Since our old carpet wasn’t too big, it was constantly sliding, which caused Pera to fall more and more while running. Unigo mats never slip unless you remove them.

Fun visuals and double-sided use

Another point I can consider as an advantage is that Pera loves this carpet. The carpet can be used on both sides and I think the visuals are also very entertaining. In addition, all the visuals is written in English under them. The model you see below, is the one I used in my home. The animal figures on it still attracts her attention even after months and when I come home in the evening, she absolutely shows me the animals on the carpet one by one and always tries to tell something about them.

Disadvantages of Unigo Mats

The price of unigo mats

The only disadvantage for me was the price. If you are looking for a simple baby play mat, the prices of unigo mats are higher than the others. (According to their size, it varies between 500 TL and 1000 TL) When I make a general comparison, my opinion is that the price is not very high according to the characteristics of the carpet. If I hadn’t bought this carpet, I would have bought another product with a similar price, solely the name of it wouldn’t be a play mat.

Finally, before shopping on their own web pages, you should do a price search in other brands like e-bebek, joker. Even though it is difficult to get the Unigo discount, it is possible to get a more affordable price if you can catch the campaign through other e-commerce sites. In summary, if this baby play mat is a product that will fit your budget criteria, I definitely recommend Unigo brand.

I hope it has been a useful article, see you soon 🙂

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