Swimlabs Childrens’ Swimming School Reviews

Berna Salkaya

My little hazelnut became more demanding as she enjoyed touring, discovering new environments. When this was the case, I had the mission of discovering new activities that would make Pera happy at the weekend. Since we can already be home at 19.30 on weekdays, it is a bit impossible to plan for after this time. When we see Pera waiting for us at the door, we sometimes go out, even if it is late. Fortunately, only 3 -4 minutes walk from our house, My Gym is still the rescue activity center for us, but in the winter, we’ve turned our way to Swimlabs, thinking why our new activity shouldn’t be swimming lessons.

Who is Swimlabs?

I have mentioned before about our experience at the Aqua Tots trial lesson and that we would like to continue swimming lessons this year because Pera loves water very much. During a visit to My Gym, when I was talking to one of the instructors about this issue, he told me that Swimlabs, which is a subsidiary of My Gym Akatlar branch, serves as a children’s swimming pool.

I did a quick research on the internet because the alternatives for swimming lessons for children under 3 years of age in Istanbul were quite limited and I could not find any alternative other than Aqua Tots so far. Swimlabs is an institution that teaches swimming babies from the age of 6 months to more advanced age groups like Aqua Tots. In addition to group courses of up to 3 people, you can choose to take private lessons.

If you want to attend group classes, age groups are;

Swimming groups with parents, there are two alternatives: 6 – 18 months, 18 months – 3 years.

Swimming groups without parents, there are more than one type of group covering 3-5 age, 6-10 age and all age groups.

In addition, Swimlabs has a pool environment for adults, where they can teach swimming. When I first heard this, I questioned “how can an adult swim in tiny pools?”. However, I have seen that the waveforming device inside the pools has created a very good basis for this.

What is the content of Swimlabs courses?

  • In Swimlabs, a lesson time is 30 minutes. The content of the lesson varies according to the water familiarity of many of you. Since ours is a water bird, he jumped into the pool without any invitation. For other children who may be afraid of the water, the instructors have a variety of toys at their disposal to make the pool attractive. If your child is reluctant to enter the water, I’m sure this toy will be enough to convince him to enter the water.
  • When our instructor saw how enterprising Pera was, he had him do various swimming activities such as jumping into the water alone, standing alone on smaller apparatus like swim noodles.
  • In the first lesson, he frequently warned Pera that he should close his mouth frequently and never open it, especially when he jumped into the water, in order to prevent swallowing. Although she answered “Yes, I understand” to the question of “Do you understand, Pera?”, our little fish swallowed so much water.
  • She was jumping and hopping so much that half-hour lesson expired quickly and she said “I will come again Berk” and she left the pool. (As you can see, I’m not the one making the decisions anymore. 🙂 )

Swimlabs reviews (Aqua Tots or Swimlabs?)

  • Obviously after the experience of the Swimlabs trial course, Aqua Tots remained a bit more in the background for me. Why?
  • The physical conditions of Swimlabs are much better than the Aqua Tots. There are 3 medium sized pools inside. Therefore, even if group lessons are held with 3 people, the area per child is much larger than Aqua Tots. Since the pool is separated according to the logic of the barrier in Aqua Tots, children need to swim in a much smaller area with different age groups at the same time.
  • Inside each pool there is a device that creates waves of different heights. The wave created by this device allows you to swim continuously, which allows you to do a real swimming exercise. So yes, an adult person, or a child between the ages of 12-13 can easily take swimming lessons here.
  • The swimlabs’ dressing rooms and the pool are almost adjacent. After getting out of the pool, you can directly go to a warm dressing room without thinking whether it is cold or not. So much so that I go locker every two weeks and I can hardly get out of the room without fainting. In my opinion, Swimlabs is better than Aqua Tots in this sense, the corridor in Aqua Tots that connects the pool and changing rooms makes the children feel cold.
  • During the lesson, you can watch your child by the pool as long as you wear galoshes on your feet and don’t pass out from the heat inside. Of course there is a seating area outside where parents can watch the lesson, but it is not so enjoyable to watch the class because you cannot accompany the conversation and laughter. Next week I’m going to wear a t-shirt to stay inside 🙂
  • Our instructor Berkan is very sweet and Pera loved him very much. In these nice places, trainers are usually people who understand and speak well with children. Apart from being friendly, he controlled Pera very well and was very professional in making him feel more comfortable in the water. In summary, as a mother, I have entrusted my child from a distance relievedly. 🙂

When all these factors came together, we bought an 8-week package and started swimming lessons. From now on, Ataköy – Akatlar marathon is waiting for us every weekend 🙂

Swimlabs prices (Is Swimlabs trial course paid? What is the price of Swimlabs courses?)

As for the question “How much are the Swimlabs course prices?” that many people wonder;

Swimlabs trial course fee is 100 TL. If you register on the day of your trial, they do not receive this fee.

Swimlabs single course fee is TL. Single course fees are generally high in all child activity centers. So it makes more sense to buy it as a package.

Swimlabs group course fees are as follows:

  • 4 lessons – 600 TL
  • 8 lessons – 1100 TL

If you register on the day of your trial course, you pay 20% less on these prices.

For individual courses, the fee determined for 1 course: 250 TL

I hope it has been useful content to answer the questions in your mind. For your insight, I’m adding a small video below.

When we complete the 8-class package, I will be sharing my current comments again.

Lots of love…

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