Stokke MyCarrier Baby Carrier Reviews

Berna Salkaya

The parents who walk around with their baby in a baby carrier has always been overly sympathetic to me. So the baby carrier is one of the things I most eagerly expected to use during pregnancy. Although there are various opinions that it may physically affect infant health, I don’t think that a properly selected baby carrier will cause any problem.

What should be considered when buying a baby carrier?

As we all know, newborn babies cannot keep their bodies and heads upright because their bones are not fully developed yet. Therefore, the choice of an ergonomic baby carrier, which provides back support to keep the baby’s spine upright, is very important in order to prevent the baby’s natural posture. In addition, a baby carrier with a head restraint will also provide ease of sitting and the baby will sit on the carrier in the correct position with the help of these two brackets while at the same time there will be no pressure on the backbone. If you are concerned about its use, you will see that there will be no adverse effects on baby health when you do a research with these two basic criteria in mind. As a result of my research, I preferred Stokke MyCarrier Front and Back Carrier.

Is Stokke My Carrier reliable?

The biggest factor in my selection of Stokker My Carrier is that it has been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. The doctors of the institute recommend Stokke My Carrier as a carrier that offers the most convenient ergonomics to the baby while providing great comfort for the baby and parent. (Doctor reviews can be found on the official web page of Stokke). In addition to this, Stokke baby carriers, which are also approved by Oeke-Tex Standards (a worldwide certification system that tests the compatibility of product ingredients and materials used in the operation process), received full marks from American and European safety standards.

What are the features of Stokke My Carrier?

This product that can be used from the age of 4 weeks to the age of 3 offers you two carrying options, front and back. In the case of front carriage, you can sit your baby facing you or outwards. Since they cannot keep their heads upright in the first 2-3 months, you should use the head restraint with her face turned to you.The carrier consists of 3 main parts to support all these sitting styles. With a waist belt, back support and shoulder straps designed for the parent, it distributes the baby’s weight evenly across your body, preventing the load from being collected at a single point. Thanks to the adjustable belt and strap length, it can also be used by people with multiple body types.

Stokke My Carrier Reviews

This product certainly makes my life easier, and it is a product that I loved more than a baby stroller especially in the period of 6-12 months . If you ask the reason, first it is very practical and gives you the opportunity to walk around without having to control the baby while walking outside. It is literally cut out, especially if you live in crowded places and it feels hard to go out with a stroller. When I put Pera in front of me, my backpack behind me, I can go wherever I want freely.

  • The back support is really useful because it allows you to walk upright while carrying the baby. You can also walk for hours with this carrier when you adjust the waist belt and shoulder straps to the desired extent.
  • Another bonus for me is that it is washable. Especially when I can’t rush aprons for mouth flow, the head support of the carrier got so much dirty. Although I repeatedly washed the carrier, there was no change in color.

Lastly, the biggest advantage of using a carrier for me is that Pera is very happy to walk around with the carrier and feels safer on my lap. So much so that when we go out with the baby stroller, we kept the baby carrier with us in case she didn’t want to sit in the stroller.

For the reasons I wrote above, I made my choice for Stokke baby carrier. There is a wide range of products on the market, I recommend you to check the products at a big joker or e-bebek store before ordering online. Hope you can find the baby carrier you can enjoy with your baby 🙂

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