Stokke Baby Stroller Reviews

Berna Salkaya

I guess, one of the most researched things while shopping for baby is the choice of baby stroller. Since it is a product that is frequently used and directly affects baby comfort, I think it is useful to do a thorough research before buying it. In an artice I wrote earlier, I mentioned that I made my choice of baby carrier for Stokke. Based on my trust in the brand, I also used Stokke for my baby stroller choice. As a strict Stokke user for two years, I will give my detailed comments about the Stokke baby stroller in this article.

What are the features of Stokke baby stroller?

As with all brands, Stokke has various baby stroller models. I’m using the Stokke Scoot V2 and the features of this model:

The stroller has 3 different seating positions, a two-way seat, tear-resistant and suspension wheels, a large awning to protect the baby from the sun in the sleeping position, and a large shopping basket. Thanks to its high seat position, it can also be used as a high chair in restaurants and cafes. Adjustable foot support distance provides a more comfortable use as the child grows up. In addition, the pushing arm used by the parents can be adjusted in 3 different ways. There is also the feature of seating chair and folding. In order to use this stroller from birth, it is necessary to buy a “Stokke Izi Gocar seat that can be used for 0-6 months. If you ask me if I have to buy Stokke car seat, unfortunately, this brand cannot be used with other car seats.

Is Stokke baby stroller safe?

There are two things that come to mind when it comes to stroller safety. The first one is a durable, non-opening belt and the other one is wheels with a good braking system. Stokke exceeds my expectations in this sense. The soft and thick fabric of the belts also supports the comfort factor. You can easily activate the brakes by using your foot. When the brakes are in the open position, the stroller does not move off the floor, even on a slope. The videos I watch on the Internet also support these features, so I think Stokke baby strollers are safe.

Advantages of Stokke baby stroller

  • Three different sitting positions are the most useful feature of this stroller. The large seating area allows the baby to lie comfortably in the sleeping position. When I feel that she wants to sleep, I arrange the stroller from the upright position to level 2, and when she falls asleep, I arrange it to the fully sleeping position. Pera is affected easily by the sudden movements and wakes up easily. Since this feature of the stroller prevents shaking, I can make her comfortable without interrupting her sleep.
  • Another feature I like most is that it has a wide awning. Again, she can sleep without being disturbed and sweating in the sleep position because the sun does not touch his face.
  • The stroller fabric can be easily cleaned with a soapy and moist cloth. If you think it is very dirty, you can wash certain parts in your hand and certain parts in the machine by following the instructions for use.
  • As someone who cares for visual pleasure, I like the design of Stokke baby strollers. There are simple, minimal and color alternatives for every taste.

Disadvantages of Stokke baby stroller

  • Although it seems to be an advantage to have many by-products to make it easier to use, it makes people think about buying it because of the high prices. For example, the price of an umbrella that provides protection from rain and sun is 200 TL and the price of a cup holder where you can put your coffee while walking on the street is 90 TL. Thanks to the changeable fabric kits, the baby stroller can be used with different options, but the average price of the kits is around 400 TL.
  • Another problem with the by-products is that the stroller is only compatible with its by-products. For example, if you want to add a small accessory such as an umbrella, you have to buy Stokke’s own umbrella. So once you get into Stokke, it’s not easy to get rid of it 🙂
  • Apart from this, despite the feature of easy folding and transportability, the stroller takes up a lot of space when folded. I can open and close the stroller very easily, but even the folded version of the stroller covers almost the whole space of our hatchback baggage car. Considering how many items you go with when you go on holiday with the baby, the fact that the stroller is so big can cause various difficulties.

When considering the advantages and disadvantages of Stokke stroller together, I can recommend this stroller. Of course, you need to consider your own needs and expectations when making this decision. The next week, I will publish another post I created with the help of people who use different baby stroller models. This post, which will include user experiences, will be a very rich content for parents who want to read about baby stroller advices.

Have a great week 🙂

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