Sleep with me, Mom!

Berna Salkaya

Motherhood is sometimes a really big challenge! I’m not going to make any changes in this word, because this is the most full, meaningful word for me to be my translator. Who knows, maybe there is more, but my brain that works incessantly, my unending neck and shoulder pains, my little girl’s dizzying energy may have influenced me to think healthy. Just a click! 🙂 After all, as a mother who is the hero of my own daughter, I am not going to let the tempo that I try to catch in my day to knock me out, I think this is the most beautiful mission of motherhood: Keeping it rolling in every condition…

When I look back, challenges turn into the most enjoyable, funniest and emotional moments of motherhood; however the moment I am in is not so funny and entertaining! The first thing that comes to mind is… Colic! It was one of my biggest and most difficult times for me as a mother. In the first weeks, I didn’t even realize that I was straining her more than trying to help my baby while I was hoping to hear from the sounds of technological devices in panic. I laugh myself by thinking “Oh, what a mother who reads a lot of books”. Motherhood is a lot of instincts, people learn over time ..

Mothers also learn that learning is an endless process. Especially you rewind it. When you resist not to understand the little baby of yours, this especially reinforces. While the boundaries are easily drawn in books, it is not that easy in the real world. A little goat that sticks your big eyes in your face and resists like ”You’ll sleep with me!” can challenge what you learn all in one breath.

Yes, my dear friends, I am overwhelmed with the sayings “oh you have a sleep problem? It has been almost 2 years, we have solved that issue”. Because my place dwarf DOES NOT SLEEP by herself for the last 1 month!

I dream about the dialogue between our conversation with our psychologist next month:

  • Does your daughter sleep in her bed?
    • Yeeees!
  • Do you sleep in your bed?
    • Nooooo.
  • Where do you sleep, Berna?
    • On the floor
  • On the floor?
    • Yeah yeah.

I’m lying on my daughter’s play mat. She checks me out a few times before she goes to sleep, and if she’s really convinced I’m going to sleep on the floor, she’s asleep. This process takes about 45 minutes. If she falls asleep at noon, the check-in time can exceed 1 hour, and if I’m lucky, she can end up in 30 minutes. I’m waiting for the next half-hour to go into the living room and wake up to “Mommmyyy”. Fortunately, once she sleeps, she doesn’t wake up easily; but if she wakes up, then I want you to come and see the festival at home. When this happens, I take my blanket and curl on the play carpet. I say “baby it hurts my neck” and she sometimes comes to a reason. Then she calls his father and lets me go. She is always in her bed.. We are on the floor. Luckily, my husband doesn’t seem to care where he sleeps. Sometimes he even sleeps on the play mat until morning…. We don’t have any solution right now, I don’t know when the wheels change direction to us…

Is there any solution that you know?

If you have, I can benefit from it…

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