Sexuality in Pregnancy

Kübra Irmak

Along with there are very few questions about sexual intercourse from woman, there is almost no question of sexual intercourse especially during pregnancy. This is due to the images that the society tries to put down on women and the mothers’ inability to connect with sexuality culturally . However, sexual intercourse in pregnancy is not a risky act unless it is a risky situation. In this article, I will explain in which situations you should avoid the sexual intercourse.

Can I have sexual intercourse while pregnant? Is it safe to have sex while pregnant?

Most women who are experiencing a normal process are free to have sexual intercourse when they are pregnant until their water is broken or birth process starts. Along with this, in some circumstances, you may need to stay away from sexual intercourse during some or all of your pregnancy . Your midwife or doctor will inform you if you have anything to prevent you from having sex. If you have not been informed and if there is any doubt in you, do not hesitate to ask questions about it 🙂

Does sexual intercourse in pregnancy harm the baby?

No, when a pregnant woman and her husband make love, the baby is not harmed. The amniotic sac and strong muscles of the uterus protect the baby and the thick mucus plug that covers the cervix helps to protect against infection. During sexual intercourse, the penis does not reach beyond the vagina and does not reach the baby.

The relationship can be life-threatening only if the mother is in the high-risk pregnancy group. Therefore, those who have risky pregnancy should definitely listen to the doctor’s advice about the sexual intercourse. Uterine contractions may occur after sexual intercourse in women, this should not be worried about. If the pain lasts long and any bleeding occurs, it is useful to consult a doctor immediately.

Can sexual intercourse in pregnancy trigger birth?

No, there is no risk of triggering if you have a low-risk pregnancy in its normal course. Sexual arousal or orgasm does not trigger birth or cause miscarriage. While orgasm causes soft uterine contractions (such as breast stimulation and prostaglandins in the semen), contractions are usually temporal and harmless.

Does sexual intercourse feel different during pregnancy?

Many women report that sex feels different during pregnancy. Some claim that sexual intercourse is more enjoyable during pregnancy while the majority report that they have less pleasure during some part or full of the pregnancy.

Increased blood flow to the pelvic region causes an increase in blood circulation in the region of the genitals. As a result, sensitivity in this area increases and can contribute to your enjoyment during sex. The fact that you have more vaginal discharge or moisture can also be considered a plus at this point.

On the other hand, you may not like the innovations and increase in sensitivity that these changes bring, and you may feel uncomfortable, which is completely normal 🙂

As I mentioned above, there may be mild abdominal pain or contractions in orgasm and during or after sexual intercourse.

Your breasts may become more sensitive than normal. Especially in the first trimester, touching your breasts can hurt you. This sensation of pain usually decreases, but the sensitivity of your breasts continues to increase. While some women accept this high sensitivity positively, others may find it uncomfortable and even prefer not to be touched their breasts at all.

What are the safe sex positions during pregnancy?

There is no correct answer about sexual intercourse positions during pregnancy. Pregnant women can have intercourse in any position she feels comfortable with. My advice to couples is that they experience it and decide for themselves.

Is oral sex safe during pregnancy?

Oral sex during pregnancy is mostly harmless, but you should pay attention to the following issues. First of all, if your partner is giving you oral sex, he should be careful not to blow air into the vagina, because the air coming from here can cause pressure embolism when it enters the veins. (though it is very rare). This air embolism can put your baby and you at serious risk. At the same time, if your partner has an infectious lesion, such as herpes, I do not recommend it. (especially in the last 3 months, be careful.) If your genital area is infected with herpes, you may encounter risky situations during and after the birth of your child.

When should condoms be used?

If you or your partner are not monogamous, I suggest you use condoms in every relationship. If your partner has a known sexually transmitted disease, do not have sexual intercourse if possible, and if you do, always use a condom.

In which situations should sexual intercourse be avoided during pregnancy?

Although sexual intercourse during pregnancy is not a problem for women most of the time, it is necessary to be careful in some cases. Your doctor may ask you to avoid sexual intercourse if:

  • Your water has broken,
  • You have incompetence in your cervix,
  • There is an early opening occurs in your cervix,
  • There is the presence of an unexplained bleeding,
  • Placenta (the structure that connects your baby to your uterus and feeds it, also called the secundines) covers the cervix partially or completely (placenta previa),
  • You have multiple pregnancies,
  • You have experienced or threatened preterm birth in your previous pregnancies.

When can I have sexual intercourse after birth?

After birth, your body needs time to recover and meet the previous situation. Vaginal or cesarean delivery does not change this situation. Therefore, it is recommended that you wait for sex after pregnancy until the time your doctor recommends. This period usually varies between 4-6 weeks. This period is sufficient for cervis to be closed, bleeding to stop and heal the ruptures and cuts in the body. On the other hand, if you are not very keen on having sex after pregnancy, and even thinking about it suffocates or makes you feel exhausted, you can try other ways of getting intimate or wait until you feel ready. When you are ready to have sexual intercourse, have a soft relationship and use protection until you are ready for subsequent pregnancies.

What are the conditions during pregnancy that you should call your doctor after sexual intercourse?

It is normal to feel some contractions during or after sexual intercourse or when you have an orgasm. But if you still have contractions after a few minutes, if you feel pain or you are bleeding, call your doctor.

If you are concerned about sexual intercourse and especially if you have concerns about the safety of your baby, do not hesitate to call your doctor and ask questions.

Take care of yourself until our next post 🙂

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