Prima Premium Care Diaper Reviews

Berna Salkaya

Gulsah had previously shared a research paper with detailed information about diapers. Today, as a mother who has been using diapers actively for 2 years, I will talk about my detailed comments about prima premium care. In this article, which you can think of as a kind of diaper comparison, I will also answer the question “why prima premium care?” based on 3 brands I use.

Prima premium care diaper reviews:

I have been using this diaper constantly since the birth of Pera. I can say that we use this diaper constantly unless there are reasons such as the exhaustion of diapers in the home and not finding the package with the number of products I want in the market.

My compulsory trials have once again made me see why prima premium care is the best choice for my baby. Even my husband noticed these short-term changes in diapers and he warned me “these diapers are allergic to the child’s butt, Berna? :)” Do not think as advertising, I do not have any agreement with prima, you will give me the right when I sort my reasons.

  • Prima premium care is a very soft and thin diaper, when I use the other diapers, I feel like I’ve attached cardboard to Pera’s butt. Moreover, this diaper does not limit Pera’s mobility. If you say how you understand this, when I use other diapers Pera constantly pulls the right and left of the diaper and never insists on not changing the diaper 🙂
  • The thin texture allows the diaper to breathe at the same time. This prevents redness on your baby’s skin. For example, when we use Molfix, I see that the genital area and butt are constantly reddened even when I change diapers only half an hour later.
  • Although Prima premium care is thin, it is capable of trapping a a lot of fluid. I experienced this very clearly, especially last summer. When we didn’t have much market alternatives in the cottage, I had to buy prima active baby. While I was thinking ”how different can the Prima active baby be from prima premium care?” let me admit that I was quite surprised to see that the number of diapers we use daily increased significantly. While prima premium care is useful for all the night, we had to change the prima active baby 2 times in the night, sometimes we even had to change it 3 times.
  • Prima premium care sidebands are also very practical, for example, Molfix’s sidebands are not easy to open for some reason.

Is Prima premium care expensive?

Unfortunately, the only thing I can say negatively about prima premium care is the price. When you compare with other diapers you will find that the price is quite high. But you can solve this problem by following the diaper campaigns of e-commerce sites like Hepsiburada, n11 by paying a little bit less. Likewise, e-bebek or joker stores also carry out diaper campaigns.

My only suggestion is that you do not stock diapers at home before your baby is born. As I always say, a product that is very good for a baby can cause an allergic reaction in another 🙂

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