Oral Care and Teeth Cleaning in Infants

Sevil Akgül

When it comes to babies, oral care and dental hygiene can be overlooked for a long time. However, the question of “how should be the oral care and teeth cleaning of babies?” is an issue that should be the concern of mothers when the baby’s first tooth comes out. 🙂 Let us examine together the importance of this issue:

When your baby is born, it is sterile in the mouth. You will disrupt this sterile environment when you take your baby’s pacifier or spoon into your mouth without being aware. This is because the caries germ is transmitted by mouth and you should not take the pacifier or spoon into your mouth so that your baby does not meet the caries germ early.

On the other hand, when the sugar and caries germs come together, tooth decay starts. As breast milk also contains sugar, if the mouth and teeth of the baby are not cleaned after breastfeeding, this can cause serious dental caries. Therefore, oral care is very important in babies. In this way, dental caries affecting the general health and oral health of children can be prevented.


How is oral care maintained in babies?

Oral care in children starts when your baby is born. The mouth should be cleaned with a clean moist cloth or gauze bandage until the first teeth come out. Finger brushes can also be used during the toothless period and when the first teeth are seen. After the teeth begin to appear in the mouth, the use of a toothbrush must be started.

Tooth cleaning in babies should be done 2 times a day by the parent after the morning and evening feeding. Water should be given after feeding at night or the baby’s mouth and teeth should be cleaned with a clean cloth.

Apart from this, another point you should pay attention to is that you don’t add honey, jam, molasses etc. to the pacifier or bottle and make him get used to it. This can lead to very serious early childhood caries (bottle caries). Since caries formation is the fastest at night, it is recommended to stop feeding at night as of the 6th month and to give babies only water at night.

When should babies start brushing teeth?

Toothpaste can be used in children from the age of 2 years. When choosing toothpaste, care must be taken that the toothpaste is appropriate for the child’s age. Toothpaste should be used in the size of lentil grains. In the first place, your baby can not spit and he may swallow the paste, therefore fluoride-free pastes should be used.

The toothbrush should be given to children and shown to children how to brush their teeth. Effective dental cleaning must be performed by the parent, as hand capabilities are not fully developed. Let your child brush their teeth first and then you brush again. The teeth should be brushed twice a day, after the morning and evening meals. Of course, parents should also serve as a model for their children by brushing their teeth regularly.

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