Maternity Pre-Requisite & Motherhood 101

Sinem Yiğit

I’ll tell you what I want to say at the beginning, and I’m telling you: I have news for you guys! We’re in this class for life, no escapes.

The only thing that mankind can do when this cycle is moving is to adapt. Imagine that the season changes and everything changes, mercury makes retro emotions are mixed, the full moon comes, the body disintegrates and you get pregnant, hormones change.

The period I couldn’t recognize myself, including my adolescence, was my pregnancy. When I was bursting with volcanic hormones inside me, I didn’t know how much I ate (unfortunately, I was never full) especially the food that I love. If you’re the ones that happened the similar things like me, I’ll list a few of you.

For me, my first shock was in my diet. The gluten-free castles of my order, which I adorn with Internittent fasting, were shaken from the foundation with potato-bourne pastries.

I was saturated with tangerines, quenching my thirst with lemons, licking the sour gums and experiencing psychological relief. I remember, I had a memorable memory of 14 weeks especially my husband. Normally, I was slamming doors even if I was calm and positive, and I ended up every conversation with “Why do I give birth to a child for you?” I thought I was positive It maked sense and I was 100% right.

The minute I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t one of those who get maternity halos from the sky. But there was something very clear that I felt. Yes, anything could happen to this baby, I know there is no way beyond fortune, but I couldn’t bear to see anything happen to me because of my negligence. What did that mean? I would pay much attention to my diet, supplements, nervous stress, breathing, exercise, rest, happiness and health. The second trimester started to go with this awareness and it was beautiful. I was fed properly as much as I could, I chose a doctor I could trust (he is now the instagram phenomenon, I will also write it separately) and warmed up, I exercised, read a lot, but most of all I repeated to myself: “It is impossibIe to be best but I will work for THE BEST of me.” I would recommend it to all mothers and expectant mothers. The healthiest, most organic, most knowledge, most fit, most ergonomics, etc… The “bests” will never end anyway. Even if you don’t believe me, I want to remind you that we are quite enough for our children as we are. With this feeling, I passed the last trimester. It was this awareness for me that the pre-requisite lesson for the motherhood class. I don’t know what more lessons are waiting for me to be taken, but it is free to cheat on this way anyway.

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