How to Do Nasal Cleaning in Infants?

Aysel Karaca Ünlü

Hello dear readers;

Today, in this article, I will address the questions asked by almost all parents about “nasal congestion in infants“. In fact, this situation, which seems very simple, affects the daily life of babies and being able to intervene immediately will make it easier for you parents 🙂

What causes nasal congestion in infants?

Nasal cavities of babies are narrower than children and adults. Therefore, they are more easily clogged. Daily nasal care is important in keeping the noses of the babies clean and open, as they cannot blow their noses. The fact that the baby’s nose is open makes it easier to suck and feed and also helps them sleep more regularly. Babies with clogged noses are cranky, so they don’t want to suck and sleep. Keep in mind that you should be careful about your baby’s nose cleaning if you want to have a routine for basic needs such as sleeping and feeding.

How does nasal congestion in babies go? Can nasal aspirators be used for nasal cleaning in infants?

Nasal drops and nasal aspirators in infants can be used for nose cleaning. When cleaning the nose, it is necessary to first moisten to soften the dirt and make it easier to clean. Any of the nasal drops or saline containing various brands and ingredients can be used for the moistening process.

How to use nasal aspirators? Do nasal aspirators damage the baby’s nose?

After the moistening process, the nipple of the aspirator is held at the entrance just below the nose of the baby. The other end of the aspirator is taken into the mouth and gently exhaled. It is important to note that the tip of the nipple of the aspirator is not pushed deep into the nose and that the head of the child is held still. As the head moves, persistently attempting to insert the aspirator will damage the intranasal tissue, resulting in the accumulation of inflammation cells and distention of the nose due to due to edema while it can normally be opened more easily.

It is also important to note that the use of aspirators should be avoided in the absence of intense obstruction. In such cases, it may be sufficient to clean the nose by simply dropping drops and wiping them with a cloth without the use of an aspirator.

Nasal sprays with the same content as nose drops are also possible to do nasal cleaning. To use the spray, you should check whether the baby’s nostril is suitable. In daily practice, spray form may be more useful than drops in children over 1,5-2 years of age.

I wish you all a healthy day 🙂

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