Gülşah Kabil


Hello readers of Balkafa.com. For those who wonder what Gülşah is like, briefly; I can say that she is a sea and summer lover who cannot pass any cat and dog that she sees on the street, loves to travel and see new places, enjoys spending time with his friends, loves pilates.

Although although I was always a good playmate with children all my life, I was at a level of knowledge about parenting and children as ‘superior’ until July 2017. At the moment, I am able to count you 10 diapers with all their features at once and tell you the most preferred bottles for their reasons. Moreover, I would like to add that I am not a parent yet. I must admit that my brain burns from time to time in the meetings we held when we first started the project. 🙂

Briefly, if I talk about my academic and institutional background; I loved and completed the Statistics Department at Mimar Sinan University contrary to many others. In the year when I started my business life, I also started my master’s degree in Istanbul University Quality Management Department. I started my professional life in 2011 with great curiosity and enthusiasm. When I started, I had already completed my 5-year goals for the first 3 years. Currently, I continue my studies in the research department of a telecommunication company, especially on customer experience. Here, I will make researches and share the results with the slogan ‘We asked 100 people’.

Welcome back to Balkafa.com, which we prepared by combining our forces with Berna who I met on my first day at my first place of work years ago and we stepped into professional life together. I am one of those who believe that the result of every work done with pleasure brings happiness. This is exactly how every stage of this formation takes place. We love it here. I hope you enjoy your time too.

Take care,