Berna Salkaya


I was never aware of how isolated I was in the life of the plaza, which looked very cool from afar, while running between meetings. A “to do” list with a never-ending ingredient in my hand, while working like crazy with a laptop in front of me, my most important goal in life was to be a “good business woman”. When I say intensive working hours, new responsibilities, life always offered new trainings, certificates and personal development programs in the list of things I should do. Although I try to listen to my inner voice from time to time, I must admit that the tempo has completely captured me.

Then one day I stopped suddenly, I was experiencing the biggest shock of my life because being a “MOTHER” was not among these plans. At the end of the three days that I did not drop the ultrasound printout, I was excited as if I had been waiting for the maternity adventure that I had never planned for months.

Pregnancy and the following maternity process is a very unique mindset. I approach with great understanding and love for the examples I will still not understand. Before pregnancy, I would say “I suppose that if something liked that happened to me, I would go crazy” . In corporate life, I was not aware that professional life would be easier than the exam at home when I was walking around with trips “I skate and take care of me” 🙂 Really, it is like that. While there is one or another solution to every problem in the professional world, even the emergency services of the hospitals may not find a solution to a baby who cries tearfully at 3 o’clock in the night. While I wonder how I can calm down I am are more panic than the baby, she can calm down and sleep in the sound of the blow dryer in a very unrelated position. While you hope on the internet to see if someone else has lived through after every problem you have experienced your research and discovery skills reach the top level. While all this is going on, it seems like the miracle of the unique mental state that comes after the mother is not to complain about the situation at all. Whenever she is happy, I feel so good to watchher laughing big eyes and laughing with laughter. In summary, the best word I can say about being a mother is “luck”.

Before I put an end to this article, which I started with the aim of introducing myself, I should talk about myself very briefly 🙂 I still continue to work in the IT department of a corporate company. I graduated from Yıldız Technical University Mathematics Engineering. I love dancing, doing sports and discovering new countries very much, I usually don’t have free time. It is my most specific feature to necessarily compress something in every spare time. I’m overly fond of my family, I love spending time with my friends.
I wish you a pleasant time at least as much as I can on this platform where you will know me better as you read what I have written…