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Berna Salkaya

Since baby strollers are one of the biggest expense items of baby shopping, I decided to publish a detailed review post for parents looking for a baby stroller. In this post you will have an idea about the stroller models; you will read the answers to the 10 different questions I have prepared about the stroller for 9 different models. Without further ado, I immediately proceed to the question and answer section 🙂

Which stroller do you use? (Please specify by brand and model name)

Cansu: Inglesina Trilogy (3499 TL)
Fırat: Britax B Agile (850 – 1000 TL)
Özge: Maclaren Techno XT (1790 TL)
Suat: Mamas Papas Armadillo Flip XT (2390 TL)
Berna: Stokke Scoot V2 (2490 TL)
Seçil: Chicco Urban Plus Stroller (1150 TL)
Sedef: Casual Cadillac Air Travel (1599 TL)
Serena: Nuna Pepp (1119 TL)
Hülya: Maclaren Mark II (1490 TL)

Note: I tried to add up-to-date price information for baby stroller prices, usually in joker and ebebek stores. You can find more affordable strollers by doing research on e-commerce sites.

What is the biggest factor in your choice?

Cansu: (Inglesina Trilogy) Driving easiness. When I was buying a baby stroller, I had the opportunity to try most of them on the tracks in Acibadem Joker store, Trilogy was absolutely different.
Fırat: (Britax B Agile) The main reason for my preference is that it is easy to carry and fold, and the “reasonable” price level. Before this stroller, we tried to use another brand from my brothers, which was quite expensive, but it was difficult for us to carry and maneuver, although the material was of better quality. This is much more practical.
Özge: (Maclaren Techno XT) Lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, material quality.
Suat: (Mamas Papas Armadillo Flip XT) Light weight, small size in closed position and large seating area.
Berna: (Stokke Scoot V2) Ease of driving and comfort.
Seçil: (Chicco Urban Plus Stroller) Can be transformed into a carrycot, a blanket set (suitable for winter months)
Sedef: (Casual Cadillac Air Travel) The price is the most suitable model for our needs and the volume of the stroller in the trunk is relatively less.
Serena: (Nuna Pepp) The price and practical.
Hülya: (Maclaren Mark II) Being very practical, this car weighs only 3.5 kg and can be carried on the back. I’ve used a chicco stroller before, but I wasn’t satisfied because it wasn’t practical.

Do you think your stroller is safe? What conditions do you think a stroller must meet to be safe?

Cansu: (Inglesina Trilogy) Yes, it keeps its balance on every road. It also has shock absorber, solid metal parts, 5 point seat belt.
In addition, the product is in compliance with European norms TS EN 1888 certificate.
Fırat: (Britax B Agile) I think, I have not had any problems to this day, I think the most important one is that the baby cannot easily stand up when you buckle up.
Özge: (Maclaren Techno XT) Yes, I think it is quite safe for a cane stroller. The quality of the material used, brand reliability.
Suat: (Mamas Papas Armadillo Flip XT) n my opinion, there are three basic safety checks in this stroller. An easy and convenient seat belt, parking brake, a handle for the wrist.
Berna: (Stokke Scoot V2) For me, a stroller must have a solid brake and a good belt system. Stokke exceeds my expectations in this sense.
Seçil: (Chicco Urban Plus Stroller) Very safe. Soft, with safety strap for legs and arms, not jerking.
Sedef: (Casual Cadillac Air Travel) Yes, we are also happy with the safety. For me, it is important to support the stroller in order to be safe, the padded wheels to prevent the baby from shaking on uneven surfaces, the adjustment of the seat belt and the secure attachment of the main lap to the stroller.
Serena: (Nuna Pepp) Yeah, I think it’s safe. The rigidity of the material used and the fact that the belts cannot be opened easily ensure that it is safe.
Hülya: (Maclaren Mark II) Yes, I think Maclaren is a very safe and useful brand. Impact resistant.

Can you tell us about the features of your baby carriage? (Sitting positions, comfort provided to the baby, fabric quality, care bag / basket for small items etc.)

Cansu: (Inglesina Trilogy) It can be folded and unfolded with one hand while it is on the seat unit, it has 4 sitting positions, it can lie fully, it can be used on both sides and the wheels can rotate 360 degrees. The fabric quality is quite high compared to other strollers, I can put the care bag in the basket.
Fırat: (Britax B Agile) My daughter likes to sleep in it, so I guess that means she’s comfortable. It can be adjusted from horizontal to vertical. There is a small basket underneath and a bag with a zipper on the back. There isn’t any tearing in the fabric in 1.5 years.
Özge: (Maclaren Techno XT) It can be used from birth. It can be used in lying and sitting position. The fabric is fireproof and waterproof, plus washable. There is a place to put your utensils underneath and a handy basket. There are two pockets on the back.
Suat: (Mamas Papas Armadillo Flip XT) We are satisfied with the antiperspirant and dirt-repellent fabric, the handle and grip are good, the sitting area is large, easy to move and the baby can see the environment very comfortably. It can be used in full lying position and is a comfortable stroller.
Berna: (Stokke Scoot V2) Double-sided usage, multiple seating positions, a large seating area, a large awning and very comfortable driving comfort. The basket under the car is large enough to hold many items, so I don’t have to carry anything extra on my back or hand. Adjustable wheels for rough roads also make the baby less jerky. (Those who want to have an idea about Stokke stroller can take a look at the “Stokke stroller reviews” post.)
Seçil: (Chicco Urban Plus Stroller) The carrycot has two different inclinations in the sitting position and the ability to turn the baby into two positions to look out for itself and out. The fabric is soft and comfortable. There is an extra thin quilt-like part underneath when carrying out the carrycot. This makes it even softer. Wide and long. The baby can sleep easily inside. Blanket and collapsible seating set are sold extra. (I think it is not suitable for newborn without these items). The toe part can be adjusted. No maintenance kit. The basket is large, but like most baby strollers, it is impossible to pick up the contents when lying down because the distance between the basket and the baby’s seat is narrow.
Sedef: (Casual Cadillac Air Travel) This model consists of 3 parts. The main lap can also be used as a car seat for up to 6 months. The inner volume of the infant carrier is large, the child isn’t stuck inside and it does not pose a problem in terms of safety. The seating unit is used after 6 months and can also be used as a carriage. There are two options for bidirectional use in 3 positions. The stroller basket is suitable for carrying goods up to 3 kg and is large in size.
Serena: (Nuna Pepp) It has a sitting and 2 lying positions, it is made of a wipable and less sweaty fabric, with a small basket underneath.
Hülya: (Maclaren Mark II) It can be folded with one hand, has a sweat-free fabric and has plenty of space to store small items. It can be used unidirectionally only in the sitting position.

Can you easily fold and unfold alone? Can you give us information on weight and usage?

Cansu: (Inglesina Trilogy) I can hold the baby in one hand and fold the stroller with the other hand, unfold it, even load it in the car, weighing 9.5 kg.
Fırat: (Britax B Agile) Yes, I answered question 2, the weight is fine (8 kg) and practical, that’s where the name comes from.
Özge: (Maclaren Techno XT) One of the most important features of this product, I think, can be folded very easily. Very light, only 7 kg.
Suat: (Mamas Papas Armadillo Flip XT) It’s one of those rare strollers that weighs less than 10 kg. We are happy with the ride and the experience of folding and unfolding. Rear wheels could be larger.
Berna: (Stokke Scoot V2) I can easily fold and unfold by myself, but it’s heavier than other strollers. (about 13 kg)
Seçil: (Chicco Urban Plus Stroller) I can fold and unfold on my own, but I stay in blood sweat 🙂 Most of the time the parts of it get stuck. Very heavy and unusable. I don’t think even a man can take the baby and go out with this car. Two parts as wheel part and top part. In order to unfold together, the baby’s seat must be facing outwards (not in the opposite direction). Otherwise it does not unfold.
Sedef: (Casual Cadillac Air Travel) The infant carrier is approximately 3 kg, the chassis is around 7-8 kg. Weight can be counted in the middle category. Easy folding.
Serena: (Nuna Pepp) Folding and unfolding is very practical, not too heavy (approx. 10 kg). Since it does not have a cane handle, it can be controlled very easily even with one hand, and its maneuverability is very high.
Hülya: (Maclaren Mark II) Since it is only 3.5 kg, I can fold and unfold very easily.

Is your stroller compatible with the apparatus of other brands? For example, does it offer the option of taking the stroller’s main frame from brand A and taking the infant carrier from brand B?

Cansu: (Inglesina Trilogy) No, it’s only used with its own infant carrier.
Fırat: (Britax B Agile) I have never tried but its parts are available.
Özge: (Maclaren Techno XT) This stroller has no apparatus that can be attached to and removed from other strollers.
Suat: (Mamas Papas Armadillo Flip XT) I know that it is used with different models with a converting apparatus in the stroller.
Berna: (Stokke Scoot V2) No compatible, you need to choose Stokke’s own product for the stroller.
Seçil: (Chicco Urban Plus Stroller) I don’t know.
Sedef: (Casual Cadillac Air Travel) There is no such feature, but because it is sold as a set of 3 and the price is appropriate for the absence of this feature does not have a negative effect.
Serena: (Nuna Pepp) Compatible with another single brand (Maxi Cosi) except its own models.
Hülya: (Maclaren Mark II) No, it’s not compatible. It’s not supposed to happen anyway. Each stroller has its own skeleton.

Do you think the large or small wheels of the stroller are a factor that affects the use?

Cansu: (Inglesina Trilogy) While I was trying the strollers, I had the opportunity to compare it with larger or smaller wheels, I did not experience the driving comfort of Trilogy in others.
Fırat: (Britax B Agile) Certainly, the maneuverability of very large wheels is lost, while the weight capacity of very small wheels can be limited.
Özge: (Maclaren Techno XT) I used little wheels, I don’t know the others.
Suat: (Mamas Papas Armadillo Flip XT) I think it’s effective. Larger is better for pavement, stairs and stony areas.
Berna: (Stokke Scoot V2) I think it is absolutely effective, large wheel provides convenience especially on rough roads and pavements.
Seçil: (Chicco Urban Plus Stroller) The wheels of this car are quite big. This is nice in terms of driving and firm stance. However, it takes up space, cannot pass through narrow spaces and can hardly fit in the car trunk. The wheels are removable, but who’s going to deal with it? I think it’s an unnecessary feature.
Sedef: (Casual Cadillac Air Travel) Since the trunk of our car was small, we preferred a stroller with small wheels. I think the smaller wheels are more useful when going up and down the sidewalks.
Serena: (Nuna Pepp) It is advantageous of having large wheels when climbing up and down hilly roads and heights.
Hülya: (Maclaren Mark II) Definitely a very effective factor. The small wheel is always easier to use and rotates comfortably. Big wheeled cars are no different than tractors.

In your opinion, what are the points that should be considered while buying a stroller?

Cansu: (Inglesina Trilogy) It should be light and comfortable, can be used on both sides, can lie down completely, and not needing for a second stroller after a while is an important factor.
Fırat: (Britax B Agile) Of course safety, weight, practicality and ultimately reasonable price. Most new parents pour tons of money into a product that doesn’t use it for the best or will not be useful in practice, but I recommend that they find the optimum product to meet their needs. Most of the overly expensive products does not offer much after a point when we ignore the flourish words in marketing.
Özge: (Maclaren Techno XT) Robustness, easy driving, easy folding and unfolding, light weight. It should be a helper product, not a tie to the mother who goes out with her baby.
Suat: (Mamas Papas Armadillo Flip XT) Comfort, sitting positions, viewing angle, space occupied in closed position (important for small luggage vehicles), weight, driving, safety
Berna: (Stokke Scoot V2) Safety and comfort.
Seçil: (Chicco Urban Plus Stroller) Lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, safety straps, wide awning, quiet and effortless way to get to the lying position (to avoid disturbing the sleeping baby while traveling), being large (because the stroller is most necessary when sleeping)
Sedef: (Casual Cadillac Air Travel) Safety conditions, easy folding, lower basket volume, gradual adjustment of the handle and non-perspiration fabric.
Serena: (Nuna Pepp) Practical folding / unfolding, taking a small space when folded and comfort.
Hülya: (Maclaren Mark II) Absolutely fabric and weight.

What do you think as negative about the stroller you use?

Cansu: (Inglesina Trilogy) The metal is white, so it gets dirty quickly.
Fırat: (Britax B Agile) No, we’re quite happy with the family.
Özge: (Maclaren Techno XT) The cane stroller has everything you need to have. It might just be cheaper 
Suat: (Mamas Papas Armadillo Flip XT) The rear wheels feel like they’re going to cause trouble over time.
Berna: (Stokke Scoot V2) Weight and footprint in the folded position. It takes up a lot of space in our small luggage car.
Seçil: (Chicco Urban Plus Stroller) Very heavy, very difficult to fold and unfold, sometimes even impossible, the components are stuck and very complex. Never buy it if you don’t have a car.
Sedef: (Casual Cadillac Air Travel) It would be a feature I would prefer to be folded more comfortably.
Serena: (Nuna Pepp) Since the lower part is low, I find it difficult to climb up and down the sidewalk, and the basket is a bit small.
Hülya: (Maclaren Mark II) This stroller has nothing negative in my opinion, but as I mentioned above it is only used in the sitting position (therefore not suitable for the newborn.) We travel a lot. This car is practical and cut out for those looking for a lightweight baby stroller.

Would you recommend the stroller you use?

Cansu: (Inglesina Trilogy) Would definitely recommend. It is a very popular product among the already recommended strollers.
Fırat: (Britax B Agile) I would.
Özge: (Maclaren Techno XT) Yes..
Suat: (Mamas Papas Armadillo Flip XT) I would, I did.
Berna: (Stokke Scoot V2) I recommend Stokke stroller unless you worry about weight and volume.
Seçil: (Chicco Urban Plus Stroller) No. A much more practical and convenient stroller can be bought for the same money.
Sedef: (Casual Cadillac Air Travel) Yes, a stroller that I can recommend in terms of price performance ratio.
Serena: (Nuna Pepp) Although it depends on the expectations of other mothers, I would definitely recommend it because I am very satisfied. Price performance ratio is also very high.
Hülya: (Maclaren Mark II) Would definitely recommend.

I hope it has been a useful content for people who come across and read. I would like to thank all of my friends who supported the preparation of this post and wish you find the most suitable stroller easily 🙂

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