About Us


On the morning of April 1, 2015, Balkafa, who made me the most unexpected surprise of my life, was born in November 2015. She enjoys traveling, singing songs in a language we don’t understand yet, and especially dancing. She is the most beautiful color of our lives with her big eyes that looks like she will laugh at any moment and unending energy . The real name for those who wonder is Pera 🙂

As you can imagine, this blog’s inspiration is also her. I guess I would laugh just a few years ago, if someone said I would have a baby early and my life would change completely. Even though I was a child madman who stuck every baby she saw on the street, gathering all the 2-8 age group at home and bringing my mother to the point of going crazy, I always felt distant to have my own child. Of course I would become a mother one day, but before I became a mother, I had a long list to do. For example, I did not get on the fastest roller coaster in the world, did not watch a fiery dance show abroad, did not complete a 5000-piece puzzle, did not go to the dance nights enough, did not get a master’s degree, was not even at the point where I wanted to go in terms of a career.

Of course, before I decided to become a mother, I had to prepare myself for this process. Although I loved children so much, I had to think about motherhood and read enough. But nothing happened as I planned, and one day I learned that I would become a mother suddenly. I definitely had the shock of my life that day. I still remember the days when I looked at that tiny ultrasound printout when I could not believe the situation as if it was yesterday.

Now, I think it is not possible to explain how strange my mood was that day as I constantly say, “I am so glad she was born!”. In my opinion, motherhood will never be fully prepared. But you feel like a superhero when you become a mother. It is worth mentioning that it contains a considerable amount of “tragicomedies” with lots of entertainment in it.

In this blog, you will witness the humble advice that I have experienced while trying to be the superhero of Pera, the moments we laugh a lot and what the life of the baby has changed in my life. As my mother said for years, this will be a platform where I will write many things that I understand ”when I become a mother”. If you discover something of your own and find it worth reading, I am happy to write. Welcome to Balkafa.com! 🙂

Berna Salkaya