A Potty Training Story: Goodbye Poops!

Berna Salkaya

We were going to give two great exams with our ground dwarf this summer . The first one is to remove the pacifier from our lives, the second is potty training. Readers of my article about the pacifier know the process of how it looms large. After a few strong pacifier crises, we were able to say goodbye to the pacifier.

Frankly, I never wanted to put pressure on Pera about potty training. The first reason was that children under 2 years of age did not develop enough muscles to hold their toilets, and the second was that I did not feel ready. At times my mother and mother-in-law were experimenting with at least peeing of my child, but our little one was always insisted on making her toilet in the diaper. Then one day, I don’t know what happened but she decided to pee spontaneously in the toilet.

So we started a ridiculous but at least achievable process. Whenever she had to pee, we took the diaper off and we tied a new diaper after the toilet. I don’t know how many diapers we have consumed per day because she made this a game 🙂 I tried to insist that she had to poop a few times, but she didn’t listen to me unless she wore a diaper. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the heart to reject her as she was too polite while saying “I have poop on mommy, can you please tie my diapers?”.

So, what did I do?

With the opportunity to see Pera is going to the summer house, I left this issue to my mother. (Asking a connoisseur on some issues sometimes makes life incredibly easy 🙂) My mother didn’t have any difficulties because she already knew that this task would be left to her. I told her that “I will get you tiny undies, the talking potty, everything, as long as you get the job done”. And she told me “You don’t need to buy anything, she’ll learn ina very short time”. I left everything under his control, with little likelihood. Afterwards, it goes on like this:

Potty Training – 1st Day

The first morning she went to the summer house, my grandparents put on only panties by saying “it is very hot, and they don’t let children in diapers get into the pool”. Then takes off the diaper without any objection. When she has to pee, she sings and they go to the toilet with applause songs. However whey they “Come on, you can also poop” and she says “no way” and screams. This ceremony continues all day. While Pera and my mom were playing the tie my diaper game, I called my mother every hour on the phone: “Did she do it, did she do it?”. Although she ate the world on the first day, he persisted and did not!

Potty Training – 2nd Day

Our little one continues to persist in the same way on the second day, but at the end of the evening, she says “filiiiiz I have to poop” and she is forced to make his way to the toilet. And snap! In the end, she manages to drop his precious poop in the toilet.

Seeing that everyone is so happy, she is insanely happy and they called for me immediately. “Mommy, I do my poop on tolet now,” she tells her biggest story on the phone. That’s it, there’s not even a third day of toilet training for us. I guess the only criterion is to be a little determined, and they can gain potty habit just in 2 days.

Although the process was over within two days, my mother and her caregiver ran after Pera to be able to make sure that she has the potty habit. They asked “Do you have to pee, do you have a poo?” fifty times a day and the toilet habits were strengthened by them.

As of today, we have completed the first month of potty training.

She is so used to the little toilet thing she never likes to do it in a place she doesn’t like. On our last long journey, even though we searched 5 toilets by stopping at about 10 km, we are happy to get rid of the diaper 🙂 Now we have to solve the peeing problem in sleep at night, unfortunately she continues to wear diapers at night. Anyone have any idea how we can solve this without interrupting her night’s sleep? Or do you have to leave that time?

I would appreciate it if you share your suggestions 🙂

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