3 Years Old Babies are Great!

Berna Salkaya

All my writings are hidden in the title, friends.

3 years old is very nice. It is even great! It’s like a touchstone. Kiss, love, fun, surprising, COMFORTABLE! dear 3 years. 🙂

(Let me dedicate this article to all the parents who are chasing children for 90 percent of the holiday, who only manage to meet their own basic needs for the remaining 10 percent and ask “When can I have a real vacation again?”)

As I have always said, we all have different children, each of us has a different character, our understanding of happiness and our expectations from life are different. When I try to evaluate myself in the most objective way possible, I find myself successful in accepting the situation and meeting the best. Because no matter the matter is everything works automatically when I accept what comes.

Based on my 3.5 years of parenting experience, this is the clearest suggestion I can give you:

Instead of complaining about the situation you should embrace it.

You ask why? Because one day he learns to sleep on his own even if he doesn’t sleep right now. They can wake up from the night’s sleep by saying “mom, I am very hungry” even if they don’t eat normally. Even if you wonder when he will learn to play by himself, they can suddenly declare their freedom. While you wonder whether this age 2 syndrome will end, he can already wake up in the morning without the syndrome.

I’ve lived it all, I know it from there. 🙂

So you don’t need to overwhelm yourself, or worry about when this child will grow up. They grow so beautiful, it seems to me like I’m watching the most entertaining scene of a beautiful film. Especially since the beginning of this summer I feel it very, very clearly.

If you ask me how this happens…

She can eat her own food now. She says she’s hungry regularly. She enjoys entering the kitchen and cooking with me. Yeah, when I can’t control it, there’s a lot of shattering; but the pleasure of doing things together makes me feel more involved. She melts the butter, roastes the onions, warns me not to splash on it before pouring the cold on the heat. And then she enjoys eating it.
I say yes, this girl is growing up. When she eats, I want to eat her…

“It’s time to sleep, honey” sentence is enough to set up once. I don’t need to run after her and remind her the routines. She drinks her milk, pisses, brushes her teeth, and goes to bed. She sleeps on her own, and I just need to leave the hallway light on. Endless fairy tale and waiting for the parents to sleep on the floor closed. (Those who read my previous writings know what I’ve been through during the process of sleeping Pera.) When it is getting dark, she asks “I will sleep soon, can we play a game before I sleep?”.

This year’s holidays are great. Because she can make friends and play with them for hours. We don’t have situations like “Mom, come on, dad, come on… etc.”. In the meantime, she come to us, “You can read the book mom, I’ll play with my friends,” she says and goes away without even listening to the answer. It’s hard to believe, but I finished a novel on the first holiday this year and I started the second. Let me mention that our holiday is only 5 days. 🙂

He knows a lot now. I had a serious discomfort on holiday, which affected my physical condition considerably. The kind that doesn’t kill but creeps. Maybe you’ve heard, a bartholin cyst. No matter how much I try not to flash, she understands that I’m not good, “you rest mommy, I play in the mini club, I swim in the pool with my friends, I eat my own food,” she never had a burden to me. Not only did she create so much good time for me, but also for my husband, that we admired her to be self-sufficient. We had a very comfortable holiday by sunbathing on the sun loungers and reading a book. Isn’t that amazing? 🙂

(Dip note: I hope you will never be familiar with this disease, but if you come across one day, don’t underestimate bay saying “what can happen, I’ll take the medicine and get better”.) I was crying to have an operation in the last day.

She knows that we have to work on weekdays and that weekends and holidays belong to us. She can make plans for Friday from Monday when she sends us off to work. For example, she wants to go shopping with me and eat meatballs with his father in Kadıköy. Before we leave the house, we choose her clothes together and look in the mirror and she asks, “Is it okay?”. Then she puts her spare clothes in the mini backpack. Sometimes they come home with a little nail polish, or a tiny earring. She is trying to make me happy. She gives me the gify by saying “I thought it would suit you very well”. I say, oh, how can this child touch my heart so much with a sentence, but it’s happening…

Doesn’t she cry sometimes? Of course. She is stubborn and offended. When something doesn’t work for her, she easily says “you don’t like me”. But these exploits of emotions are in the right consistency. I think my brain resets itself when every laugh that comes from her is such a source of motivation.

Isn’ that enough? To sum up, I call from 3 years old. It’s beautiful here.

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